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x737project version 5.0.3 released

The x737project team has released x737project version 5.0.3 today. This version is compatible to X-Plane 10 and 11. As always x737project version 5.0.3 is free for all users. 

A changelog is attached below. We wish all x737project pilots many good flights!

Changelog (version 5.0.3)

  • Plugin fully compatible with X-Plane 11
  • No more crashes with long waypoint names in FMS

Changelog (version 5.0.2)

  • ND uses UFMC dataref output for better waypoint labels
  • ISFD shows correct pitch now
  • HDG mode no longer overshoots at low speed
  • significantly improved lateral control performance
  • sounds: engine roar intensity depends on seat row now
  • sounds: APU sound depends on seat row now
  • nav lights: beacon and strobes are in alternating sync now for LED-style strobes (like in reality)
  • nav lights: strobes and tailcone light are in sync for modern LED-style strobe systems
  • cockpit lights: labels now lit at daylight too, depending on ambient light
  • fixed wingflex timing for more realistic motion
  • added datarefs for electric meter readout (DC V/A, AC V/A/cps)
  • APU low oil pressure warning comes on immediately on APU start
  • APU more responsive to electrical and pneumatic load
  • added LDG ALT and FLT value datarefs for cockpit builders
  • fixed a fuel shutoof logic bug: Controller is now reset if power is turned on
  • mouse click regions show up when ectivated in X-Plane 10.50