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x737 version 3 realeased!

A big step forwards

Yesterday we have released the new version 3 of our x737 aircraft series for X-Plane 921. On launch we have prepared a 737-800 and 737 BBJ with full long-haul equipment for you. The first day brought us more than 10000 downloads!
The new release comes with a handful of liveries. We will extend this list step by step, looking at quality instead of making rush with the paint jobs. Of course we will announce the liveries here from time to time, so if you bookmark this RRS feed you will stay tuned to our channel.
And now get the aircraft you want to fly, enjoy the new wings and systems - it's all free, and will keep it freeware in the future too. Pilots who want to donate for our project are welcome to do this through our donation page, but it's totally voluntary.
Many thanks!
Benedikt and Pierre