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NEW: x737project version 5.3 is here!

High-end Boeing 737 simulation for all X-Plane users released today

12. January 2018

Welcome on the x737project website, presented by the European Aircraft Developer Team, EADT. We are proud to offer you a high-simulation of the beautiful Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft series the X-Plane flight simulator. The x737 aicraft simulation brings you an unparalleled system depth, added to X-Plane's features by a plugin that comes with our products. Furthermore you will find an excellent 3D model of wide portions of the aircraft, updated frequently for more and mor realism. More than 330 liveries from all continents are waiting for you, all available for free. Perfectly made for the x737project aircraft, Javier Cortes has developed a really amazing FMC add-on. The x737FMC takes great benefit of the complex 2-channel autopilot from the x737 plugin. Once you tried it, you will never again fly without x737FMC! See a complete list of features on our x737FMC page and get it now!
The latest x737project release brings an unparalleled experience for all Boeing 737NG enthusiasts on both X-Plane 10 and 11, Windows, macOS and Linux. Enjoy, it's free!

The current version is 5.3.0, released on January 12th 2018.

x737project is brought to you by Benedikt Stratmann, Pierre Stone and Lukas Denhoff, EADT.



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2. April 2018